We're a team, you and me.

Looking for a partner in restoring or maintaining your skin’s vibrancy? You’re in the right place. I'm committed to utilizing the purest ingredients, ancient wisdom and cutting edge technology to unveil not just healthy looking but optimally functioning, healthy skin.

I believe as we age we can learn to refine our lives to contain more beauty. We begin to realize we are responsible for building and creating a life we love. Ideally, we build a life inclusive of more love, more beauty, more laughs, more presence. I also believe as we age wisdom allows us to curiously assess changes in our own bodies and explore ways to lovingly balance (subtle) imbalances in the body. Our exterior skin often gives clues to the landscape of our interior health. My clients always comment on the radical shifts they see and feel in their skin. I love to hear this but I especially love to see shifts to the whole being through commitment to self-care.

Traditional skincare uses techniques that create “controlled wounds” in hopes that the repair process will stimulate collagen and elastin production. Aggressive exfoliation and chemical peels create swelling or plumping (inflammation) which yield short-term results. I believe inflammation diverts your skin from performing optimally and actually results in more rapid aging over the long-term. (Think skin cells that are weary from multi-tasking instead of being rock stars at what they were born to do.)  I'm excited to create a custom skincare program for you that delivers dramatic long-term results!

All treatments are performed at Sage Center for Yoga + Healing Arts.  At Sage, we’re committed to using Ayurvedic principles to address your unique needs. Ayurveda is a truly holistic practice that aims to address physical, spiritual and mental health. Your skincare or body treatment will be completely customized for your dosha while also adjusting for seasonal needs or current imbalances.