All treatments are performed on a thermal mat filled with amethyst crystals, jade and tourmaline. The mat is heated with infrared rays which create negative ions as they pass through the layers of amethyst, jade and tourmaline. This gentle warmth can help alleviate stress, ease pain and inflammation while improving blood circulation and cell metabolism.

Our signature bespoke facial is as unique as your skin and its current needs. It is designed to guide your skin toward balance while indulging your senses and allowing for deep rest. Each facial begins with a consultation to assess current needs.

This deeply rejuvenating facial begins with aroma accupoint therapy to prepare the mind and body. Double cleansing including extensive facial massage is performed to facilitate lymphatic drainage, stimulate circulation, flush toxins and improve skin tone. Custom cleansers, floral waters, masks, serums and moisturizers are chosen to address your skin's current needs. This facial is completed with a Gua Sha treatment to send you out the door with a healthy glow.

$90   75-90 minutes

Blooming Lotus Facial

This non-acid peel infuses the dermal layer or "true skin" where the work of building collagen and elastin actually occurs. This treatment is customized with active ingredients to address hyper pigmentation, rosacea, acne and maturing skin. This treatment is for returning facial clients or with recommendation from Jen.

$135   90 minutes

Dermal Infusion

Our favorite treatment for aging gracefully or battling acne! LED light therapy is a safe, UV-free, non-invasive treatment utilizing wavelengths of light that are scientifically proven to increase collagen and elastin, stimulate tissue regeneration, decrease inflammation and kill the bacteria that causes acne. This treatment combines our decadent Blooming Lotus facial with the addition of 30 minutes of LED light therapy.  This is the perfect choice for those beginning an LED series or monthly maintenance for those who have completed a series of treatments. 


$135   1 hour and 45 minutes

Ray of Light: LED Facial

For optimal results, initial LED treatment is recommended in a series of 2 sessions per week for 5 weeks. If scheduling twice per week is challenging sessions may be scheduled once a week for 10 weeks.  Treatment includes cleansing, 30 minutes of LED light therapy, serum, eye and lip cream, and hydration. 

$50   45 minutes

LED Maintenance

Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) is a gentle yet profoundly effective massage technique. MLD moves lymphatic fluid carrying away dead cells, waste and toxins allowing the cells to bathe in fresh nutrients and oxygen.  These fresh nutrients feed the tissues allowing them to regenerate. When the tissues of the skin are healthy it encourages fibroblast production, the precursor to collagen production. MLD also decreases stagnation, inflammation and puffiness while increasing the flow of Prana or Qi and revitalizing tissues. Perhaps the most profound results of this technique come from tension melting away and the nervous system settling into deep rest where the body can rejuvenate itself. 

An initial rejuvenating series of 10 is ideal for anyone wanting to restore skin health and glow but particularly beneficial for those struggling with rosacea.

$70   45 minutes

$50  add-on to any facial

$675   Rejuvenation series. Purchase a series  of 10 and receive a 10% discount.  

Manual Lymph Drainage

  • Brow Shaping $18

  • Lip or Chin $10

  • Full Face $40

Wax On/Wax Off